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Every year, many young people have to make the difficult decision of what to do with their university education. What should I study? How do I prepare better for the future? It is not an easy decision to take on how to make the most of these 4 years. How do you ensure you gain the right experience and learn the best tools that will help you face a future that is increasingly uncertain to everyone?

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But do all these students have the information needed to make the best decision? The data show that when people finish their studies they find a very different work reality than they have experienced in their time as students, many times preventing them from accessing the very jobs that they have been studying/training for.


“85% of 2030 jobs that will be done by today's students, still do not exist today.”

Institute for the Future (Palo Alto, California)


“30% of recent graduates cannot find work in the three years after they complete their studies, in Spain”



“Only 1 in 5 young people under 29 can live independently from their parents”

Consejo de la Juventud de España.


“Young people rate optimism about their future work with 30 out of 100. when 4 years ago it was 77”

Trendence Institute, Graduate Barometer.


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Being aware of this reality, TEAMLABS has been developing, for the past 7 years, the LEINN university degree (Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation) together with Mondragon Unibertsitatea, in Barcelona and Madrid, in a real work environment, free of classrooms and teachers, with a clear objective:

That students stop being students from the first day, to become creators of their own companies, which allows them to build their own path and find their passion in the projects they are doing. In short, being protagonists of their lives.

By the end of LEINN, the LEINNers, have been immersed in the real world workforce for 4 years, have carried out real projects in teams all over the world (Europe, USA, Asia), reaching an average turnover of 270,000 euros with their companies.

In addition to all the knowledge & experience that comes with the creation of their own companies and projects, they also develop fundamental professional skills such as: autonomy, independence, maturity, discipline and self-confidence. They are global citizens and agents of change and innovation. Most importantly: Young People who are Free, Independent and Autonomous

The results to date: Of the more than 300 graduates, 97% are currently working. 35% in their own start-ups and the remaining 62%, joining corporations that see value in their professional profile. 71% of graduates who join corporations work on projects linked to innovation; habitually played an active role in the development of business and in the management of innovation processes and projects.

LEINN / follows the Team Academy methodology developed successfully in Finland in the last 25 years

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Discover young people like you, who in their day had to decide. And they chose to take the reins of their lives. Many became LEINNers and others are on the way to becoming one.

Gloria Gubianas
Marcelo Ballestero
Andrea Martínez
Nacho Carrera

Discover how we managed to surprise the high school students of the Montserrat School in Barcelona, which is ​​recognized nationally and internationally as one of the most innovative educational centers in the world.

They were summoned in the assembly hall for an university orientation talk, in the midst of which our crows arrived by surprise, in the style of Game of Thrones, taking our message to young people. Everything was recorded with hidden cameras.

From here, we would like to thank Montserrat College for their collaboration and be a great ally in getting this message out to our young people, as well as all the students who attended this talk for their participation.